Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mantaining cars in winter

Winter school holidays, many people took the opportunity to travel with the family, however experienced mechanics warn the drivers in the winter you need to take special care in maintaining the cars. To avoid accidents and rollovers is always good to be reviewing your car. For those going to travel and even for those who will stay home, and especially for those who live in coold regions is a good time to review your car, because the cold and the unit apparently invisible cause some damage, which can appears in hours more inappropriate, so it is important to check some items.

The cold is responsible for the drying of rubber, hoses and the engine, so it is important to take a good look at the blades of the windshield wipers, which can be exchanged for yourself, and very cheap cost. The windshield should also be cleaned inside and out with a solution of water and alcohol to help prevent fogging that one big pain the driver's visibility, especially on wet days and fog. Another important tip is for you to use an additive in the radiator and cooler regions in antifreeze, which helps prevent the effects of low temperatures. Since the additive acts as a lubricant and prevents the hoses from the vehicle engine to burst due to dryness.

Following the mechanic, remember to give a check in the headlights, as on overcast days and fog, common in winter they are very necessary, check traffic lights, headlights and brake lights, are measures that should be made periodically to avoid risks, and as brake fluid and tires.
For some drivers to car maintenance, equipment and accessories is one of the most pleasant tasks, while for others the car is only a means of transport and only seek help in an emergency situation.
A smart guy is always aware of what is happening with your vehicle. However, regardless of how you see your car, it is important to periodically check a few items to keep the car in order and ensure the safety of its users. In most cases these routine care are also economic factors, because they avoid and prevent major problems that could really strain the budget.

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